How to become a web developer

How become a web developer in 2021 so if you are an absolute beginner this is the roadmap that you’re gonna take in order to become a good web developer in 2021 and there are two phases of becoming developer the first one is obviously the front end.

Front End

The front end  is basically the structure of a website that you see on the browser so let’s say we are on YouTube. You can see the whole website and you can actually see the front end this is the front end that the user interacts with different colors different buttons.

you know, you can select a lot of options from the navigation so this is all the part of the front-end.

Back End

The backend development is the code and the functionality and the databases that are running behind the YouTube website or any website.

so, if I hit the button on my keyboard control you it will open up a file for us that is gonna be the code that is taking care of this YouTube. now obviously this looks very confuse. I mean very confusing but this is how the code looks like basically but it’s most of the time just HTML, CSS but if you are working with dynamic sites. Where you are working with the databases and all that stuff then you add the backend functionality on your website. All explaining everything step by step in more detail and then you can decide whether you want to be a front-end developer matter front-end developer or a back-end developer.

Front End Developer 

If we start with the front-end development the first thing that you will need to learn is the HTML


The HTML is hypertext markup language. Its very basic language to become a web developer. Which is the base browser language that browser understands when you make a website. okay so let’s say you want to add a video on your website you want to put some title you know put a different description you know timing and all that stuff you can do that with HTML. So, HTML is the base of front-end development. In short – it provides the basic skeleton of a website, mainly through a series of tags.

A tag is the HTML code that controls the appearance of the HTML document’s content.

Here are some common HTML tags you should get familiar with :

  • <HTML>…</HTML> – This tag shows up at the beginning and end of an HTML document. It indicate that the document is write in HTML5.
  • <title>…</title> – The title tag is the title for the page. This is useful both for search engines (when they scan and index pages) and users (it shows up in a browser’s title bar) by explicitly stating the primary topic of each page
  • <head>…</head> – This contains information about the specific page, including title tags, metadata, and links to scripts and style sheets.
  • <body>…</body> – This includes all content that will be shown to users, including everything they’ll see and read.

Note: All tags start like “<body>” and end like “</body>”. The “/” indicates that the specific tag is no longer in use afterward. It’s important to put the end tag in. Otherwise, the entire document will use that tag.


CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. The next part is going to be the CSS so the you can see the structures that I have created is basically from the starting phase. You will have to learn the HTML and after learning HTML you will learn CSS this is going to be the second step. now CSS decides whether you want the button color to be red whether it’s gonna be green or if I open Amazon you can see different colors right so you can bake design stuff with CSS so you can define different sizes of different headings you can define different colors. You can link stuff you know change the color of the links make borders make different sections using CSS. now after learning HTML and CSS you will jump into javaScript


javascript is basically a programming language that makes the website interactive. Now you can see right here as I hover over any product on Amazon you can see a button pop up so this is the interaction that a user sees on the front end and this can be done with JavaScript.

For become a good web developer you can also learn java. You can also see a slider when I click on this arrow it slides on the right side when I click on the Left arrow it will slide on the left side this is happening with JavaScript. so, javascript is used to make the website interactive and more dynamic plus it’s a programming language so that’s gonna be the first step to learn the programming language.

Where you will learn about loops different if-else statements things like that you will learn about variables object oriented programming. Which is the pretty advanced stuff but you will learn everything in JavaScript. now after learning JavaScript you will be able to you’ll learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript . You can find a job in the market based on these three languages only on three languages okay so when I started career in programming I only knew HTML ,CSS and a little bit of javaScript


jQuery is a JavaScript library that is used to make the website interactive but it’s just a set of different small functions that you can use is is basically a JavaScript but it’s a smaller version of JavaScript. You can also learn react Gaia’s we ideas is used to build one page applications. let’s say you wanna search for any order or let’s say if you want to search for some product you know building for building one page applications you can learn react yes you can also learn angularjs. now if you start learning HTML ,CSS JavaScript.

jQuery react yes or angularjs. it’s going to take you around six to eight months but if you really find if you really want to find a job in the beginning you can just learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript in less than three months and you can find a job as a front-end developer.

Back End Developer

Let’s talk about backend development. Back-end development can be learn in different languages.

It’s not like fun and where you have to learn HTML you have to learn CSS as well as JavaScript. You can pick any of the languages that are available in the market.

Let’s say you go with PHP you have to find you will also have to learn a little bit about databases. Because you can’t just learn a programming language at the backend and expect to you know become a master without learning about databases that is extremely important.


so, let’s say if you learn a PHP you can learn either MySQL or MongoDB. There are different databases that you can learn just pick one pick one programming language pick one databases and you will also have to learn a little bit about server management.

Sql is a database technology that stores information. PHP is a ‘scripting’ language that places or pulls stuff from a database.

Think about WordPress, for example.

It uses MySQL to store and manage information (blog posts, page content, comments, user information, etc.) in a database ‘table’. PHP is what makes a WordPress website dynamic, interacting with all of these different elements and properly updating the database as you go.

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Learning more about how SQL and PHP work together can help you master WordPress site development, which literally hundreds (if not thousands) of people are looking for every day on job and project boards across the internet

You need to learn how to communicate with the server so you can build dynamic websites. so, either you can pick a front-end web development or back-end web development It totally depends on you. I will always suggest you to learn about front-end development but some people like special which is totally fine.

You can learn board if you learn both that will take you maybe a year or one a year and a half to learn all this skill. Then you can apply for a full stack developer job because this is a full stack that you can work on front-end and you can also learn on the backend. Such a way you become a web developer.



If you have any questions along the way, How to become a web developer in 2021. Please feel free to either comment below or email us and let us know. We’ll have your back throughout this process!

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